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  • 2013~NOW
  • 2011~2012
  • 2009~2010
  • 2006~2008
  • 2001~2005


12월 Brand registration of ChoisTechnology (No. 45-0033098) in Korean Intellectual Property Office
Brand registration of Choistec (No. 45-0033099) in KIPO
Design registration of remote controller equipped with laser pointer (No. 30-0577649) in KIPO
Participate in G-TEK (Seoul, Korea)
Registered a patent of RF protocol and communication method (No. 10-1006026) in KIPO
R&D Center certification renewal - Change of location (No. 1104, Incheon IT Tower)
11월 Participate in ITC FAIR 2010 (SongDo, Korea)
10월 Design registration of Wireless presenter equipped with laser pointer (No. 30-0577649) in KIPO
Participate in KES 2010 (Il-San, Korea)
9월 Patent registration of Touch display system (No. 10-1065771) in KIPO
8월 Patent registration of Pointing/Interface system (No. 10-0980261) in KIPO
6월 Selected as a SAAS IT management innovation reinforcement business - Korea Technology & Information Promotion Agency for SMEs
Selected as a Internal marketing support business in the first half of 2010 - Incheon IT Promotion Agency(IITPA)
Developed Electronic Chalk for Electronic Board (Model.XP-150ES)
Participate in G-TEK (Seoul, Korea)
Patent application of Portable device for easily changing key value and its control method (No. 10-2010-0049478) in KIPO
Established the branch in Seoul (No. 902, Ace High-End Towe 2, Guro digital complex 1)
Launched X-pointer Ⅲ (Model. XP350)
Selected as a smaller enterprises technology Innovation development business by SBA
Selected as a Incheon IT commercialization support business 2010 by IITPA
Designated as an Design Star enterprise - Incheon Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Designated as an Brand Star enterprise - Incheon Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Extended Technology Innovation smaller enterprises until Jun. 21, 2013 - INNOBIZ
Changed CI
4월 Selected as a Information and communication auxiliary equipment development business by IITPA
Developed IPR100 (IPTV Universal Remote)
3월 Selected as a Design development support business by Incheon Business Agency
Joined the Korea Presentation Association
Design registration of Laser pointer (No. 30-0555677) in KIPO
Similar design registration of Laser pointer (No. 01 of 30-0555677) in KIPO
1월 Participate in CES 2012 (Las Vegas, USA)
Launched X-pointer Bluetooth (Model. XPB100)
Affiliated to Jiransoft Co., Ltd.


11월 Registered a Laser pointer (No. 0923494) in Korean Intellectual Property Office
Launched X-pointerⅠ(Model. XP150) of Black Diamond Style
9월 Open Sole Distributor (Luxury Electronics)
Selected as a Incheon technology improve development business
Joined the Korea new growth power association
Participate in IFA 2009 (Berlin, Germany)
6월 Selected as a Research and development support business of new product commercialization by IITPA
Launched X-pointer Green (Model. XPG120)
5월 Design registration of Remote control charging cradle for digital device (No. 0530130) in KIPO
Developed XRIP-OID
4월 Design registration of Wireless remote control receiver for presentation (No. 0527986) in KIPO
Selected as a Star of patent company by Incheon chamber of commerce and industry
3월 Design registration of Integrational remote controller for digital device (No. 0525235) in KIPO
Selected as a Support business for marketing full package by Korean Venture Industry Association
2월 Design registration of Remote controller equipped with laser pointer for presentation (No. 0520500) in KIPO
Launched X-pointer Green (Model. XPG200)