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  • 2011~2012
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  • 2006~2008
  • 2001~2005


12월 Launched X-pointer green (Model. XPG110)
11월 Launched 2.4GHz X-pointer (Model. XP200TR4G)
8월 Selected as a Technology innovation development smaller enterprise by SBA
7월 Selected as a High-Tech promising company in Incheon city
Launched Interactive 2.4GHz RF Camera Sync Cord (Model. XFC100A, XFC100B)
Launched X-pointer III (Model. XP300)
Launched X-pointer green (Model. XPG110)
6월 Launched X-pointer New XP140plus (Model. XP140PP, XP140PB, XP140PB)
Selected as a New technology design development business by SBA
4월 Selected as a Promising export smaller enterprise (No. 8 Incheon-25, SBA)
3월 Participate in CeBIT 2008 Exhibition (Hannover, Germany)
1월 Registered a Utility model of Laser pointing device with mouse function (No. 0323683) in KIPO


9월 ISO9001 re-certification by DAS Korea Certification Co., Ltd.
8월 Registered a design of wireless remote controller “XP140T" (No. 30-0458489) in KIPO
Launched both of X-pointer I XP140plus RED and GRAY
7월 Exported X-pointer I XP140 (OEM) to Kokuyo company in Japan
Developed remote controller for 2.4 GHz RF bi directional computer that spatial mouse was associated. -NEP certification [NEP-2005-027(IT)] by MIC
6월 Launched 2.4 GHz X-pointer II CP200TR1G
Selected as a Technology Innovation-based Small and Medium Company (INNOBIZ) by SBA
5월 Selected as a Management Innovation-based Small and Medium Company (MAINBIZ) by SBA
Registered a design of wireless remote control receiver “XP140R” (No. 30-0450312호) in KIPO
Selected as a Management consulting business by coupon - SBA
4월 Selected as a participating company for Design development support business by SBA
Registered excellent products of XP200TR1G, XP140M256, XP140M512 in Public Procurement Service
3월 Selected as a Small and medium technology business(quality management)


12월 Selected as an Excellent Success Company for publicity compaign of small an medium products - SBA
X-pointer, X-Revo were selected as a excellent product in Good product campaign of Hankyoreh newspaper
11월 X-pointerⅠXP140 was selected as a Good Design (GD) - Korea Institute of Design Promotion
Selected as a Support business for making trial product - SBA
6월 Launched X-pointerⅡXP200TR512
Launched X-pointerⅠXP140
X-pointer Ⅱ was selected as a excellent product - Public Procurement Service
5월 Selected as a New technology design development business - SBA
Participated in Incheon International Design Fair
4월 Selected as a smaller enterprises technology instruction business in Incheon city
Participated in RetailVision 2006 - Small and medium Business Corporation
3월 Selected as a Export enterprises - Incheon regional small businesses export support center
Participated in CeBIT 2006
2월 X-Pointer acquired PSC certification in Japan(JQC10143) - JQA
Venture business Recertification - SBA
1월 RF presenter equipped with the application S/W remote control function - [NEP certification (NEP-2004-094(EM))]
Patent registration of Spatial optical mouse (No. 0545307) in Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO)