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  • 2011~2012
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  • 2006~2008
  • 2001~2005


December X-pointer was a High-quality Recommendation product by Incheon city
October Won Grand prize in BI business field of Incheon IT Technology (product name : 2.4GHz RF Intellectual Remote Control) by Incheon city
September Registered a Utility model of X-pointer II (No. 0395766)
July Selected as a patner for company Cooperation by SBA
Selected as a prospective small company by Incheon city
June Selected in New Technology Utilization project (RFID system) - Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy
Launched 2.4GHz New X-Pointer II Model : XP200TR)
April Selected as Information and Communications Industrial Competitiveness Reinforcement Business - Ministry of Information and Communication
March Established its annexed R&D - KOITA
February Joined as a member of Korea Foreign Trade Association
January Joined as a member of Korea RFID/USN Association


December Acquired X-pointer EM Certification - Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
Registered a utility model of gunsight (No. 0370503) in KIPO
November Selected as a perspective export company - SBA
October Launched X-remocon (model: XR100)
September Moved laboratory in Defense technology venture center - Defense Quality Assurance Agency
Seclected as GD(Good industrial design) mark for X-pointer II (Model : XP200)
Acquired X-pointer II EM Certification - Korean Agency for Technology and Standards
August Selected as promising export small business - Small and Medium Business Administration
Acquired K mark - ITEP
June Designated the Excellent technology for Information and Communications - Ministry of Information and Communications
Uniquitous computing research agreement - Youngdong University
May Launched X-pointer II (model: XP200)
February Registered a brand of X-pointer (No. 40-0573806) in Korea Intellectual Property Office(KIPO)
Registered a patent of X-pointer (No. 0420661) in KIPO


September Registered a X-remocon related patent (No. 0400188) in KIPO
August Registered a utility model of laser pointing device with mouse function
February Comfirmed as a dedicated R&D dept. - Korea Industrial Technology Association
Selected as a developer for technology innovation in general task part - SBA
April Won Excellent Small Company prize (venture business part) - Incheon Small Business Administration


November Applied U.S.A patent U.S.PTO 10/291047
October Launched X-pointer product
August Signed the industry-academic cooperation with Korea Polytechnic Colleges II
January Incorporated ChoisTechnology Co., Ltd.


December Designated as venture business - SBA
October Registered Key Value Auto-Conversion Program to Program
Deliveration & Mediation Committee
Registered a brand of X-pointer
September Acquired ISO9001 certification
July Selected as a TBI business by Knowledge Economy Ministry
May Registered the utility model of X-pointer (No. 0230692)
March Established ChoisTechnology company in March. 15, 2001
January Applied a patent of wireless remote pointer