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  • 2015~2016
  • 2013~2014
  • 2011~2012
  • 2009~2010
  • 2006~2008
  • 2001~2005


12월 Selected Good industry Design(GD) – Ministry of Trade, industry and Energy (Product : XPS300, XPS300BT)
7월 reddot Awards 2014 – reddot (Product : X-Pointer Pulse)
Won Good product 2014 Best Small and Mediumsized home appliance contest – KEA
2월 Won iF Product Design Awards 2014 – International Forum Design (Product : XPS300)


11월 Won Aving VIP Asia Awards 2013(XPS300) - Aving News
Participate in China Hi-Tech Fair 2013 (Shenzhen)
Design registration of Touch pen equipped with laser pointer (No. 30-0716867) in Korean Intellectual Property Office
Patent registration of Contents share system by push server and its method (No. 10-1329668) in KIPO
10월 Won HKEF INVENTION PRODUCT Award (XPS300) - Participate in HKEF 2012 (Hong Kong)
Won KES Innovation Award of Best Design (XPS300) - Participate in KES 2013
Won Prime minister award(President Soon Pil, Choi) - Electronic Information and Communications Ceremony 2013
Launched X-pointer Pulse Stylus (XPS300)
R&D Center was designated as a Research Institute by Military Manpower Administration
Patent registration of Laser pointer, Power supply and its control method (No. 10-1319018) in KIPO
Patent registration of Measurement device for three-dimensional rotation angle and its method (No. 10-1323785) in KIPO
8월 Participate in WEBS 2013
Patent registration of Laser pointer, Pointer terminal, Control method for presentation system(No. 10-1301293) in KIPO
Patent registration of Laser pointer (No. 10-1301294) in KIPO
Patent registration of Control method for laser pointer (No. 10-1301292) in KIPO
6월 R&D Center certification renewal - Change of location (No. 706, Incheon IT Tower)
5월 Launched X-pointer Mobile Pulse (XPS130, XPS200, XPR200)
Participate in World IT Show
4월 Launched X-pointer SMART App
3월 Participate in CeBIT 2012(Hannover, Germany)
1월 Participate in CES 2013(Las Vegas, USA)