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We are leading the way toward seamlessly integrating technology into people’s everyday lives in ways that incorporate cutting edge science, but are at the same time intuitive and fit comfortably into the palm of your hand.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking an interest in Chois Technology Co., Ltd. and to briefly introduce who we are and where we are going.

Since our establishment in 2001 we have focused on developing Radio Frequency(RF) interface devices such as RF Presenter and RF PC remote controller etc. The X-Pointer brand of laser presentation tools was the first line developed in our laboratories and has grown to become the market leader in Korea.

We first introduced the “X-Pointer”, a device that can be used to control PCs and to make presentations without any external hardware or assistance in Korea December 2002.

In October 2004, we launched the “X-Remocon” that can be used to control PCs in the house wirelessly without interference from walls or surroundings, and that allows movie watching in the living room (provided TV-out is available).

In 2011, we released XPM Series which include Magic Key function by changing Key value(Button value) and remote control for Media Player, Game, Music, Photo Viewer, Macintosh and Keynote as well as presentation. Furthermore, we launched XPR-MS Receiver equipped with Micro SD Reader that enables users to put the memory by 32GB.

X-pointer Mobile by smartphone was introduced in 2012, which was the first in the world.

As mobile appcessory, we launched X-pointer SMART stylus, is a rechargeable laser pointer and stylus combined, the product fully supports Galaxy Note, Galaxy S Series and iPhone. With these X-pointer mobile, we developed our app such as X-pointer Lite, X-pointer3 and X-pointer SMART. Recently we are researching new product of XPM Series included touch mouse function after launching of XPM210.

X-pointer is the first in wireless presenter market share and has got bridgehead in USA, Germany, Japan, Australia, Russia and East Asia as own brand “X-pointer”.

We have developed thermometer and Heart Rate Variability as well as RF interface devices. Through the development of various wireless products, we, Chois Technology Co. Ltd. intend to devote ourselves to become a global leader by providing utmost customer satisfaction and leading the changes in the future.

CEO, Choi Soon-pil