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X-pointer Compatible device for XPS300  
Q Compatible device for XPS300


Xelfie Compatible Devices for Xelfie.  
Q Compatible Devices for Xelfie.

5 X-pointer [X-Pointer I] What type of battery is needed?  
Q [X-Pointer I] What type of battery is needed?
A   1 piece of 12V 23A batterie, included package, is needed for X-Pointer (XP130)
You can use the laser pointer continuously for 2 hours.
The battery life may differ from how often the laser is used.

We strongly recommend to purchase 2.4GHz X-Pointer
for the user who has presentations frequently.
4 X-pointer [X-Pointer I] How can I install driver on Window..  
Q [X-Pointer I] How can I install driver on Window 98
A   If you use Window 98, you need to install WINDOW98 Driver.
Install driver on Window 98 :
1. Download attached file first, and unzip the file by winzip, etc
(If you don't have any zip file, please download free trial ver. at
2. Remove the battery cover on the top side of X-Pointer I, and insert the 12v batteries in the compartment
3. Insert the receiver into a USB port on your computer
4. Press next button, when Installation of X-Pointer Window98 driver.
5. Press install button for installation process.
Some of system may require Window 98 CD,
If you don't have Window 98 CD, please press here.

6. Press ok button when installation is finished.
3 X-pointer [X-Pointer I] Is any software or driver required..  
Q [X-Pointer I] Is any software or driver required? (Window XP user)
A No, you don't. One of most attractive advantage of X-Pointer I is a plug and play installation.
No software required, just plug in USB receiver and it'll be installed automatically
by pressing button.(to secure the exclusive ID code)

To Secure the exclusive ID code :
1. Plug the receiver into a USB port and wait for the green light on the receiver to blink slowly.
2. Press the up or down button about 5 seconds
3. When green light on the receiver glows steadily the receiver is installed completely as secureing ID code
4. For testing, open MS PowerPoint and press up and down button.
5. If it does not work well, please re-insert the Receiver and try again.

2 X-pointer [X-Pointer] Do I need an assistant and a laser p..  
Q [X-Pointer] Do I need an assistant and a laser pointer for presentation?
A   No, you don't.

You may see so many people have a difficulty to control mouse or keyboard when they are presentation.

X-Pointer is a perfect solution for your presentation with a built-in laser pointer.

X-Pointer I is a basic solution to control a slide forward/backward for Powerpoint as well as Page up/down for Acrobat Reader, ACDSee, MS word etc.
It may require a mouse and a usb flash memory.

X-Pointer II is a complete solution for presentation, including a laser pointer, wireless mouse, wireless keyboard, USB flash memory (optional).

It covers a wireless mouse and a usb flash memory(optional,128Mb,256Mb)
1 X-pointer [X-Pointer] Can I control PC even there are many..  
Q [X-Pointer] Can I control PC even there are many obstacles and audience ?
A Of course, it is possible. X-Pointer I use Excellent RF(Radio Frequency) technology, which it is totally differenct from IR (Infrared ray), ranging up to 50ft(X-Pointer I), 150ft(X-Pointer II), 50ft(X-Remocon)

When you are presentation in many audiences and obstacles,
X-Pointer perfectly help you to do control your PC.
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