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제목 [AVING News] ChoisTechnology's 'XPS300' selected as a product in Asia of the year!

ChoisTechnology's 'XPS300' ( has been selected for Mobile awards at 'VIP ASIA Awards 2013'.

X-Pointer mobile XPS300 is available on both Galaxy and iPhone with simplest design, which is stylus pen as well as USB changeable laser pointer that is charged by connecting on smart phone terminal. It can be used for 2~3 hours. It provides functions of mouse, touch pad. The application 'X-Pointer3' can be downloaded from app store and play store for free.

Applying aluminum-designed electrostatic stylus pen, it gives great grip feeling and deluxe impression. Pointer status is marked by a lamp for the user safety. The very first compatible technology of razor pointer is capable for both Galaxy•iPhone and it features in clear and bright razor pointing according to the Class2 standard.

XPS300 provides the optimum presentation environment to users with high quality know-how of ChoisTechnology which has the most market share in domestic wireless presenter area.

'VIP(Very Important Product & Promotion) ASIA Awards 2013' was held at Ritz Carlton in Seoul with about 200 attendees including CEOs and officials, which selected the outstanding products in Asia in the year.

AVING News, the host of VIP ASIA Awards, is the only global news media in Korea, covering products, exhibitions and business field around the world in 5 languages.

For its 10th anniversary, AVING News invited Ubergizmo; one of the main media in Silicon Valley, ITProPortal; the very first IT media in UK and CBS Interactive ZOL; Chinese No.1 IT Portal. AVING News intended to make this event to be spread over the world to gain prestige.

AVING News selected the products as 'VIP ASIA' from among what AVING News had covered this year; the most notable products which attracts customers, buyers and media, the products which contains Asian values, the trendy products that lead market, the innovative idea & design, the products of good performance and the shows that draw attentions by excellent promotion.

(image : Interview with Mao from Chinese No.1 IT Portal.  From left, Jae-hyung Bae, the deputy section chief and Sang-hun Lee, the vice-president.)

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